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The Compensation Guide provides anti-fraud professionals with stats and metrics on their industry's compensation trends

Every other year, the ACFE surveys anti-fraud professionals on what they get paid and compiles it into a report. The 2017/2018 Compensation Guide for Anti-Fraud Professionals was released in 2017 and consistent with past years, one of the key findings was the CFE premium, meaning that CFE's (Certified Fraud Examiners) get paid more than their non-certified peers.

I sought to visually represent the CFE premium

I took the idea of the CFE premium and ran with it for the branding of these guides. I assigned each included industry (sub guide) a color and a character that I could use throughout. They represent the CFEs, as they are larger, colorful and higher up on the graph, and the smaller gray people icons represent non-certified peers. This color scheme is one of my favorites I've ever created.

Printed guides

(This isn't a digital mockup, but a real photo I took!)

A clean, minimalistic site would let the data shine

I wanted the accompanying website to be lean and user-friendly so that meant paring down from past year's guide sites. I used a white board to compile research, ideas and refine our objectives. Providing a high-level overview, shown in "THE DATA" section, served to give the data/report more context and intrigue readers. The marketers wanted to utilize this website for lead gen so I hooked up a Marketo submission form for access to the report. For members to access the report, I configured the backend with authentication to our CRM using C#.

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