2017 ACFE Report to Members

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What I did

  • content strategy
  • web design + development
  • CSS animations


  • Sketch
  • jQuery
  • Waypoints

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The Report to Members serves as a highlight reel of the past year

The ACFE Report to Members website goes live every year in early February to highlight the past year's events and accomplishments. In past years, each department provides notable happenings from the year and the design team creates images to accompany the content for the site. I felt the result of this wasn't engaging as the information didn't change significantly from year to year, it was a lot of text, and it didn't foster a sense of community with our members.

I sought to create a more engaging report than previous years

For the 2017 Report to Members, I advocated for a different approach with less text, more numbers/infographics, and a new way of looking at the past year - through the eyes of our members. What did our members accomplish? How did they support and further the cause and each other?

Organizing the content into a story was a fun challenge

This approach took a little more work from various departments to dig in their data and find interesting statistics. It was a big job on my part as well to organize all the information in a digestible way that told the story. I used a white board and a (sort of) card sort in an effort to find patterns and logical ways to group the information.

I let the content drive the styling

To help bolster my information architecture, I assigned a color to each section and a similar layout, specifically with the intro/header. See more from my process by viewing the outline and the full mockup.

I added animations to keep it exciting and make the numbers pop. The end result is a comprehensive, engaging look back at the past year. The site received praise from executives and members.

animation gif animation gif animation gif

See the live site at ACFE.com/RTM or go behind the scenes of the project on GitHub.

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