2018 Report to the Nations

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  • visual identity branding
  • content strategy
  • web design + development


  • Sketch
  • C#

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The ACFE Report to the Nations is the ACFE's biggest and most important report. It is released every other year after the research team surveys anti-fraud professionals around the world about the cases they've worked on. The accompanying website serves to promote and house the report.


In the past, the report and website focused more on showcasing the nitty gritty data than highlighting the key findings. I believe including all data upfront distracts from the big picture takeaway that most people are seeking. We don't want to leave the specifics out, but I argue it's more effective overall to let the key takeaways shine and use the concept of progressive disclosure to reveal more details/data if one wants to drill down.

Branding/Visual Design

I sought to establish a professional yet interesting color scheme. We tend to use a blue a lot so I thought bright sea greens + gradients would inspire this report. I also chose a dark slate that could serve as an inverse color theme option with the main colors and white. It was flexible, attractive and worked well for our needs with this project.

Content Strategy

I worked to keep this a one-pager by paring down on content (I used a similar strategy and layout to my Compensation Guide project). The marketers wanted to utilize this website for lead gen so I hooked up a Marketo submission form for access to extra resources. For members to access the extra resources, I configured the backend with authentication to our CRM using C#.

resources accordian gif

As more resources were added after launch, I implemented an accordian to be able to keep all the files together on the homepage.


See more at ACFE.com/RTTN.

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